Carpet Steam Cleaning

Freestyle Floor Cleaning offers a premium carpet steam cleaning solution and service, we do the little extra things very well. We use Premium Cleaning Products that will clean any type of carpet amazingly well. Freestyle Floor Cleaning use 220 degree hot water under constant pressure from our truck mounted premium equipment. This system provides unmatched results.

We use an industrial vacuum on all carpet before pre-treating any spots, stains and spills with a range of premium cleaning products that will remove an amazing range of problems . We then pre-spray all carpet with premium cleaning products specific to your type of carpet to be cleaned before using an orbis scrubber to lift the deepest of dirt to the surface. Only then after allowing this technique to work do we then extract everything out of the carpet using very hot water under constant pressure including injecting emulsifiers that will leave the carpet completely clean from the underlay and up, whilst removing all cleaning product residues unlike the techniques used by some of our competitors.

It is this combination of techniques implemented by our trained and qualified technicians that work so well and will leave your carpets amazingly clean and dry. Yes, your carpets will be dry enough to walk on within a very short time as we complete the process by dry vacuuming all carpet surfaces at the completion of the cleaning process.

Hot water pressure steam cleaning and extraction is the only carpet cleaning process we use because it is the only technique that works so well in getting your carpet completely clean from the underlay and up whilst leaving it dry to walk on all in one premium service.