Tile and Grout Cleaning

Freestyle Floor Cleaning offers a premium Tile and Grout Cleaning solution unlike many other services available.We represent the best technique as we are properly trained and certified and the results are proof that it works.

We use Premium cleaning solutions and techniques including the use of an orbis scrubber, very hot water under constant pressure from our truck mounted equipment.

It is this proven combination that we use that will get your Tiles and Grout Lines clean like no other system. We hand wipe all surfaces dry upon completion and use 360 degree floor air dryers when needed.

So if you are in need of any type of Tile and Grout cleaned from a commercial premises such as a restaurant, cafe ,bakery or factory floor amongst others or a residential floor such as a kitchen, laundry, bathroom or living area.

Freestyle Floor Cleaning will get the job done to a premium standard and result. We do much more than just clean your carpet to a premium standard.