Freestyle Floor Cleaning are fully trained and qualified to clean your lounge, office or theatre upholstered chairs. Our techniques are proven to be the best available and will leave your upholstered surfaces remarkably clean and dry. Yes, you will be able to sit on them after cleaning.

We only use premium cleaning products and techniques that are proven to work. We do not over wet or saturate your lounge or chair but do use a range of proven methods that work. We do use premium cleaning solutions, very hot water under constant pressure and hand held scrubbing pads that help lift the deepest stains out of the fabric whilst using very hot water extraction from our truck mounted equipment that enables us to achieve such remarkable yet proven results.

So if your cleaning requirements include upholstery of any kind then Freestyle Floor Cleaning can offer a premium service for your couches and chairs as well. We do much more than just clean your carpets to a premium standard.


Freestyle Floor Cleaning can clean any kind of rug and size like it is brand new once again. The secret is the combination of techniques used from A to Z that will achieve amazing results for all of your rug types. We do not cut corners. We only use premium cleaning and spotting products that will successfully remove an amazing range of pre-existing stains and spills.

We use an orbis scrubber after pre-treating and spotting all of your rug surfaces. It is also the use of very hot water from our truck mounted equipment that produces such unparalleled results that other techniques just cannot match.

As we use such a powerful steam cleaning method including emulsifiers that extract everything out of your rug before using hot air from the truck mounted equipment to help dry the rug surface. Freestyle Floor Cleaning offers a premium service that will clean your floor rugs like new. The results because we use such thorough and proven techniques speak for themselves and work like no other system. We do much more than clean your carpets to a premium standard.