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Tile and Grout cleaning

Freestyle Floor Cleaning offers a premium Tile and Grout Cleaning solution unlike many other services available.
We represent the best technique as we are properly trained and certified and the results are proof that it works.

We use Premium cleaning solutions and techniques including the use of an orbis scrubber, very hot water under constant pressure from our truck mounted equipment.

It is this proven combination that we use that will get your Tiles and Grout Lines clean like no other system. We hand wipe all surfaces dry upon completion and use 360 degree floor air dryers when needed.

So if you are in need of any type of Tile and Grout cleaned from a commercial premises such as a restaurant, cafe ,bakery or factory floor amongst others or a residential floor such as a kitchen, laundry, bathroom or living area.

Freestyle Floor Cleaning will get the job done to a premium standard and result. We do much more than just clean your carpet to a premium standard.

Carpet steam cleaning

Freestyle Floor Cleaning offers a premium carpet steam cleaning solution and service, we do the little extra things very well. We use Premium Cleaning Products that will clean any type of carpet amazingly well. Freestyle Floor Cleaning use 220 degree hot water under constant pressure from our truck mounted premium equipment. This system provides unmatched results.

We use an industrial vacuum on all carpet before pre-treating any spots, stains and spills with a range of premium cleaning products that will remove an amazing range of problems . We then pre-spray all carpet with premium cleaning products specific to your type of carpet to be cleaned before using an orbis scrubber to lift the deepest of dirt to the surface. Only then after allowing this technique to work do we then extract everything out of the carpet using very hot water under constant pressure including injecting emulsifiers that will leave the carpet completely clean from the underlay and up, whilst removing all cleaning product residues unlike the techniques used by some of our competitors.

Professional techniques

It is this combination of techniques implemented by our trained and qualified technicians that work so well and will leave your carpets amazingly clean and dry. Yes, your carpets will be dry enough to walk on within a very short time as we complete the process by dry vacuuming all carpet surfaces at the completion of the cleaning process.

Hot water pressure steam cleaning and extraction is the only carpet cleaning process we use because it is the only technique that works so well in getting your carpet completely clean from the underlay and up whilst leaving it dry to walk on all in one premium service.

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Commercial and Residential Common Area

All of Freestyle Floor Cleaning services can be applied to any commercial property. From industrial kitchens, showrooms and factory floors to public toilets.

We clean and maintain shopping centers and all of the hard floor surfaces presented. Residential unit and town home common areas in need of cleaning and sealing for easier maintenance.

From natural stone surfaces to any type of man-made tile or concrete, surfaces can be stripped of old and worn sealer, cleaned if needed and re-sealed with an appropriate sealer type to protect, enhance the surface and offer simple maintenance.

Natural Stone and Sealing

Freestyle Floor Cleaning can steam clean and seal any type of natural stone surface; internal or external. Retaining walls, driveways, pool or entertainment area surrounds. Blue stone, granite, sandstone, marble, travertine, limestone and slate. Freestyle Floor Cleaning has the truck mounted equipment to get the results you are looking for when cleaning your natural stone surfaces.

Once clean we can then protect your investment from further wear, grime and deterioration by applying an appropriate sealer to the stone. Penetrating enhancer for blue stone to a penetrating sealer for sandstone and everything in between. Freestyle Floor Cleaning can assist you with any of your natural stone cleaning and sealing.

Hard surfaces stripping and resealing

When your hard floors are looking a bit worse for wear, we can have them stripped and sealed to have a high shine yet non-slip finish.

Freestyle Floor Cleaning takes pride in quality stripping and resealing of hard surfaces. Whether you are after an industrial concrete finish or a high shine result, we can ensure that your home, workspace, or environment looks exactly how you want it.

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Hard Surface Pressure Cleaning

Freestyle Floor Cleaning has the truck mounted steam and pressure cleaning equipment that can get the results needed for any Hard Surface Pressure Clean including external walls, driveways and retaining walls. Freestyle Floor Cleaning can clean and high-pressure clean any hard surface; blue stone, granite, sandstone, marble, travertine, limestone, slate and any man made tile type.

Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Freestyle Floor Cleaning can assist with many outdoor entertainment areas. All hard surfaces of natural stone of any type or man-made tile of any type can be professionally cleaned and in most cases then sealed to protect and enhance the surface. This greatly reduces the repeat buildup of dirt and makes the cleaning result very easy to maintain. Blue stone, granite, sandstone, marble, travertine, limestone, slate and any man made tile type.

Lino cleaning, stripping & resealing

Freestyle Floor Cleaning prides itself on providing a high-quality Lino stripping, sealing, and resealing service. Lino flooring is a cost effective, and durable choice for your space; however, it needs to be well maintained and cleaned well. Freestyle Floor Cleaning can strip, clean, and reseal your lino to ensure your flooring is looking luxurious as well as long lasting.

We guarantee Professional Service

Freestyle Floor Cleaning is able to deliver our  sprofessional service to you whenever you may need it.
Blue Mountains area and more, from Penrith to Lithgow.

Preparing homes for sale

Home staging is an increasingly important and growing aspect of real estate that can potentially add thousands in value to any homes’ selling price. Preparing homes for sale by staging can present your biggest investment in the best light and condition possible. Clean flooring is paramount for assessing the value of your home. Visit our home page to see all the services we offer to ensure the whole of your home is prepared for showing.

Upholstery and Rugs

Freestyle Floor Cleaning are fully trained and qualified to clean your lounge, office or theatre upholstered chairs. Our techniques are proven to be the best available and will leave your upholstered surfaces remarkably clean and dry. Yes, you will be able to sit on them after cleaning.

We only use premium cleaning products and techniques that are proven to work. We do not over wet or saturate your lounge or chair but do use a range of proven methods that work. We do use premium cleaning solutions, very hot water under constant pressure and hand held scrubbing pads that help lift the deepest stains out of the fabric whilst using very hot water extraction from our truck mounted equipment that enables us to achieve such remarkable yet proven results.

So if your cleaning requirements include upholstery of any kind then Freestyle Floor Cleaning can offer a premium service for your couches and chairs as well. We do much more than just clean your carpets to a premium standard.


Freestyle Floor Cleaning can assist with the cleaning of any concrete surface and then apply an appropriate sealer type to protect and enhance any surface.


Freestyle Floor Cleaning can clean and high pressure clean and then re-seal your driveway no matter the type of natural stone or concrete, as well as most man-made tiles. Freestyle Floor Cleaning has the powerful truck mounted equipment to get the job done.